Day 10 of the Master Cleanse – I Am Light

10 days, 48 lemons and 80 oz of maple syrup later…I am lighter in Spirit, Mind and Body.  One must save her Self in order to save the World.

The FinaleAs I mentioned in the beginning, the purpose of this cleanse was to become clearer and stronger before embarking on some major Life changes.  This cleanse did all of that and then some.  It made me realize the strength and power of my mind.  I’ve learned patience, discipline and courage through this process.  Another purpose was to love my body, which means to be conscious of what I put in it and how I take care of it.  This includes eating organic, drinking plenty of water, having an active lifestyle and meditating.  All of these things reinforce the Love that I have for my body.  So, in many ways, the Master Cleanse has been a spiritual journey.  My physical reality is just a beautiful result.

I did not do this cleanse to lose weight, but I finally found a scale and lost 10 pounds.  Time to try on a few dresses that I’ve been holding on it!

I had a total of ten 8 oz glasses of lemonade today.  Although the lemonade is quite tasty, I am looking forward to moving on to real food.  First, I must tackle Day 11 with fresh squeezed organic orange juice.  Yum!

Day 11 OJ

Thank you to The Master Cleanse and Master Cleanse Secrets for the invaluable information.

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I’m Thinkin’ of a Master Plan

Okay, maybe not exactly the same plan as Rakim, but my first Master Cleanse is a step towards being paid in full. For that, I’m sure he would approve.

What is the Master Cleanse?
“The Master Cleanse is a juice fast that provides a healthy amount of calories and nutrients specifically suited for weight loss and cleansing, all while resting the digestive system and allowing the body to heal naturally.”  I received most of my information from this website.

The main reason I decided to do the 10 Day Master Cleanse is because I’m going through a major transition in Life (relocating, pursuing passions and taking on new directions), and I’d like to be spiritually, emotionally and physically clear & strong before embarking on this transition.  I am posting my progress to motivate and share my personal experience with other newbies, and to help keep myself on track.

Master Cleanse “Lemonade” Recipe
2 TB fresh organic lemon juice
2 TB organic maple syrup
1/10 tsp organic cayenne pepper
8 oz purified water
*very important to use organic and purified water.  After all, how can you remove toxins with toxins?

Salt Water Flush (optional)
2 tsp sea salt (non-iodized)
1 qt purified warm water
*to be done in the mornings on an empty stomach

My Suggestions to Newbies
1. Visualize yourself completing the cleanse before you begin.
2. Remove tempting foods from the house.
3. Do the cleanse when you can break away from society.
4. Drink at least 1/2 your body weight in ounces of purified water in addition to the cleanse.
5. Keep a journal to log how you feel, how much you drink each day and your progress.

Let’s get to the nitty gritty…

DAY 1 – May 6
Technically, I started the night before by drinking Traditional Medicinals Organic Smooth Move Tea before bed.  The cleanse calls for a laxative herbal tea in the evenings.  Again, be sure that the tea you purchase is organic.

8:30 am – The laxative tea kicked in and I had a my first bowel movement just before doing the Salt Water Flush (SWF). I decided to do the optional SWF because I often get constipated. Within an hour I felt the royal rumble (ya’ll remember WWF?). Be sure not to fart when you feel the urge because it will likely turn into a shart if you know what I mean.

My stomach growled every hour on the hour so in the afternoon I upped my intake from 8 oz to 16 oz, which gave me enough energy for the next couple of hours. I also filled a liter bottle with purified water to stay hydrated between the lemonade. I spent most of my time at home today because I wasn’t sure what to expect and I wanted to retain as much of my energy as I could.

I craved chicken wings and mashed potatoes most of the day. Aside from that, I’m off to a great start! I had a total of eleven 8 oz glasses of lemonade today.

Day 2 – May 7

Going strong on Day 2!

8:30 am – I did the SWF again and, despite the royal rumble, I only passed the salt water with a bit of liquid poop, but nothing solid. My poor butthole is a bit sore from wanting to push out something solid, but can’t (hey, you want the truth, right?).

I’ve completely upped my intake to 16 oz almost every hour to hour and a half. It seems that my body needs more energy today, and it may be a result of the errands I need to run. First stop, meet a friend at a bookstore. The barista shouted out, “Pizza and coffee is ready!” to the study group sitting right next to us, and my friend sat across from me dipping a coffee cake in her coffee. The sight! The aromas! And what was I doing? Adding cayenne pepper to my lemonade and sipping it. Fuck! I want a damn pizza and a coffee cake, and a coffee and everything in the damn bakery! Why did I punish myself like this? Then it dawned on me that I stood strong in the face of temptation. Take that, temptation! Fuck you and all of your little tempters and temptresses. Next stop, health food store to pick up more lemons, maple syrup and stool softener. I drove home with my head high and then all of sudden starting craving, of all things, Hamburger Helper. I don’t even eat that shit.

I had a total of fifteen 8 oz glasses of lemonade today.

Day 3 – May 8
8:00 am – I forgot to drink the laxative tea last night, and instead took one
Stool Softener Laxative tablet as soon as I got home and two more before bed. I did the SWF again, but still nothing solid. I took an additional two stool softener tablets this morning and hope they can do me a solid (pun intended). According to the directions, I should have a bowel movement within 12-72 hours.

My beloved alkaline machine went down on Day 1 due to a broken faucet valve.  I couldn’t find a replacement quick enough so I settled for a cheap purifier, and I could certainly taste the difference!  The Universe stepped in today and sent me to a mom & pops store.  The man behind the counter told me they didn’t have a similar piece, and then a long time customer looked at the piece and said, “It’s the same thing as this one.”  Lo and behold, the last one on the shelf was now mine thanks to a customer!  Back to my 9 plate filtration system pumping pure water.  Thank You, Universe!

Alkaline Machine9:00 pm – I drank the laxative tea and woke up at 4:00 am to the bubble guts.  By 5:30 I had a semi-solid movement (insert bright white light and Angels singing here).  Just like the tea tag “Be Heard,” the Angels heard my cry for help!


I had a total of ten 8 oz glasses of lemonade today.

Day 4 – May 9Day4

I have several errands to run today so I made a 24 oz supply in my NutriBullet cup.  I used up a lot of energy, which made me pretty hungry throughout the day, but I managed to resist temptation!

I had a total of nine 8 oz glasses of lemonade today.

Day 5 – May 10

I made it to the halfway point despite all of the temptations! That’s enough inspiration to get me through the final run.

6:30 am – I’m up early today to sell some items at a friend’s garage sale, and I made sure I packed a gallon of purified water and several lemons to hold me over for the next 4-6 hours. I decided to skip the SWF for obvious reasons, and instead made a 24 oz cup of lemonade. I’ve found that my body needs 8 oz every hour, but the 24 oz cup managed to last me until 11:30 am.

1:30 pm – The garage sale was a success! I sold most of my items and could actually fit the remaining items in my coupe. I drank another 16 oz to carry me back home for a well deserved nap!

The nap was tough because all I thought about was food. Still going strong though. I drank the laxative tea before bed.

I had a total of eleven 8 oz glasses of lemonade today.

Day 6 – May 11
Happy Mother’s Day!

8:00 am – I did a SWF flush this morning and had a small liquid movement within 30 minutes, which is a lot quicker than it’s been (it usually takes an hour). Whooa!

I didn’t sleep good last night so my energy was pretty low today. An afternoon nap was oh so good.

I had a total of nine 8 oz glasses of lemonade today.

Day 7 – May 12
9:00 am  – Late start to the morning, but nonetheless, I did a SWF and had a barely nothing mostly liquid movement.  I have a colonics appointment scheduled this afternoon along with a sauna session, which I believe goes quite well with the cleanse to help push and pull toxins out.

I was more clogged up than I thought so I decided to purchase fiber to help get things rolling.

It’s about 5:30 pm and I fucked up!  Not because I “modified” the cleanse (hehe), but because I went in on a bowl of quinoa.  It all started with that damn almond butter that I’ve been eying since Day 1!  First I opened it and took a whiff then I stuck my finger in it, and once more.  Did that open up a can of worms!  I decided that I needed some protein and cooked some quinoa.  Wrong move!  It was too much too fast, and my stomach paid for it all night.

I had a total of nine 8 oz glasses of lemonade today.

Day 8 – May 13
9:00 am – I drank some fiber, and man was it delicious! I’m not sure at this point if everything just taste good. Actually, I’m convinced and I’ll tell you why. I was in the bicycle aisle at a store and somehow started craving sausage links after smelling the rubber on the tires. WTF is that about? Anyway, I had a solid movement about 30 minutes after drinking the fiber. Hells yeah!

I had a total of ten 8 oz glasses of lemonade today.

Day 9 – May 14
7:00 am – I started the day with a 16 oz glass of lemonade. I’m in my car bumping that Wu Banga 101 getting ready to play some basketball with my ace.  It’s been way too long!

More to come…


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Bearing Fruit from Fruitvale

My heart is heavy with anger, disgust and outrage. It has been two days since I saw Fruitvale Station and these feelings remain raw. I had never heard of Oscar Grant or this case prior to the movie, but I know this isn’t the first of its kind nor will it be the last. In the midst of my internal emotional battle during the movie, Wanda Johnson’s (Oscar’s mother played by Octavia Spencer), voice kept pulling me up. “We need to focus all of our energy on Oscar. We need to pray for him.” It was as if she carried the light that would free me from this dark place. Today, I decided to research this case and came across a video of Ms. Johnson’s reaction to the involuntary manslaughter verdict. Once again, I was pulled up…

Wanda Johnson reminded me that Love and faith can pull us through even our darkest hour. Despite losing her child to a senseless crime, she has moved on and up to help others going through similar struggles. Many blessings to Ms. Johnson and all others who have taken the energy from a tragedy and turned it into something triumphant. We are fortunate to have seen this depiction of Oscar Grant’s last day on the big screen.

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Join Us @ ESF’s 2nd Annual SeptemBEERfest

Our 1st Annual Septembeerfest was such a success that we decided to bring it back, but this time with more local brew Clubs and more beer to taste! If you are in the Tampa/St. Petersburg area, join us on Saturday, September 28th from 5-8 pm to taste 20 different beers and vote on your favorites. This family-friendly event will have games for kids and some great raffle prices. Proceeds to benefit the Epilespy Services Foundation.

ESF's 2nd Annual Septembeerfest

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My Holiday Request

One of my favorite things to receive during the holidays is a photo greeting card. Some friends send me cards with pictures of their children and/or pets and I absolutely love them! Gift cards are always great too, but I get the happy fuzzies from those little photo cards.

With that said, can I please borrow your child or pet so I can share the love and return the favor? ;O)

Wishing you and yours a happy holiday season and a prosperous new year.


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The MotherLand Experience

My last trip to Japan was 20+ years ago with most of those memories surrounding my Mother’s homeland of Okinawa, an island approximately 400 miles south of mainland Japan. She and I were fortunate to travel together this past May with stops in Tokyo, Kyoto and Okinawa. Below are a few images from this grand MotherLand experience:

Kinkakuji ("Golden Pavilion Temple"), Kyoto, Japan

Shinkyogoku-dori Shopping Center

Scott & Tomomi at a local Kyoto bar

To eat or not to eat the chicken feet

I know what it looks like! Although it was well seasoned, I couldn't do it.

First stop in Okinawa. Back to what I know (minus the chicken ankles).

Ryukyu Glass Mura, Okinawa

An artist and his creation

More hand blown glass masterpieces

Peace Memorial Museum, Okinawa, Japan. Dedicated to all who lost their lives during the Battle of Okinawa, WWII

Peace Memorial Park

Gyokusendo Cave, Okinawa

Stilactites at Gyokusendo Cave

Okinawa Churaumi Aquarium

The Sea of Tropical Fish

My cousins Chihalu, Chinatsu and I at the Blue Cave, Okinawa

Our fearless leader, Chinatsu

Araha Beach, Okinawa

Beautiful Okinawan sand

Traditional Okinawan Noodles


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CAPTCHA (Completely Automated Public Turing test to tell Computers and Humans Apart) is a computer generated challenge question used to qualify you as a human to protect systems from destructive automated software, e-mail spam, etc. I consider myself to be a normal human being…one who can solve even some difficult problems, but I always seem to get that one word or series of letters that leaves me scratching my head.

Are you superhuman enough to decipher this CAPTCHA?

I mean, really, WTF is that? oreo? fibreo? fibre6?

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A Moment

We all have friends who are too humble to receive recognition, and Lord knows we have some who will toot their own horn in a heart beat. Overhumble or overconfident. Regardless of your position in the spectrum, it’s always good to take a moment from the daily grit to say, “I’m freaking awesome!” Put it in the air. You deserve it.

I’m freaking awesome!

Thanks Kaori

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Substance Addiction

I’m not afraid to admit that I’m addicted now more than ever. Its scarcity has driven me close to insanity and I wonder if I’ll ever get it as easily as I once did. Everybody had it back in the day from James Brown to The Beatles, but the harsh reality is that future generations will have to settle for a generic brand. Where has it gone and what have we become without it? I share this euphoric addiction with so many, and my only hope is that we can find our way back.

I invite you to share my Substance addiction…

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